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Our Mission: "We assist you in changing obstacles into steps for your success"

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As a manager and certified executive coach, Jürgen Bitzenauer has been helping businesses with their change processes, and top performers with their professional and personal development, for over 25 years.

As a relatable sounding board, he is an expert in the field of WorkLife management (developing resilience, preventing stress and burn-out, devising coping strategies). He is a member of the Academy for Neuroscientific Educational Management, and provides science-based systemic, solution-oriented coaching (Karlsruhe School). Jürgen Bitzenauer is licensed to conduct scientifically recognised inventories of personality (BIP/NEO-PI-R) and systematic analyses to assess burnout/stress vulnerability (BOSS/TICS).

BIP:                      Bochum Inventory of Professional Personality
NEO-PI-R:           NEO Personality Inventory by Costa and McCrae, Revised Edition
BOSS:                  Burnout Screening Scales
TICS:                    Trier Inventory for Chronic Stress

 To respond to the new challenges posed by our global working world, he is one of the first certified online coaches capable of conducting this professional, structured coaching process anywhere, anytime via Internet connection. This flexibility means no travel expenses or costs – an advantage managers appreciate very much. Last-minute ad-hoc coaching sessions can thus also be held. Alternatively, it is equally possible to work asynchronously, making the most of waiting times, e.g. at airports. The platform-independent coaching software uses a data connection complying with the highest security standards, and which is established exclusively with German servers, guaranteeing total discretion. The software itself is intuitive, featuring all conventional and many innovative coaching tools, and enabling communication with the client both through the integrated chat function and through an audio/video function.

As an equal among equals, Jürgen Bitzenauer specialises in coaching top performers via “Pit-stop coaching”, a two-day intensive face-to-face coaching session held in a selected environment catering to the client’s personal interests. A “time-out” for managers, which uses open, neutral feedback to create clarity, provide new stimulation, and act as a catalyst for take-off.

Jürgen Bitzenauer runs coaching sessions in German and English.


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Key notes


  • Leadership 4.0 – Successful Leadership in a VUCA World
  • Blocks in Your Path Get Steps to Your Success
  • Boost instead of Burnout – Switch over Crisis to Pole Position


“Expectations totally met! Every second was valuable! Keep it up! Best course I’ve taken in 18 years. Hope to experience Mr Bitzenauer again at other advanced training/coaching “courses”!! Every employee should have the opportunity to participate in such a worthwhile course. A huge asset to daily life, both professionally and personally.”

        M. K. , European Aerospace Company

“The seminar opened my eyes, honed my sense of self, and brought about a clear positive change within me. The seminar itself, and Mr Bitzenauer as an instructor, was first-class. I can only but recommend it!”

       M. B. , European Aerospace Company

“Many thanks once again for the excellent and extremely entertaining seminar! You were able to explain the often difficult topic clearly and vividly using extensive examples and experience from your long-time work in the field. At no point did I ever feel the subject matter became “dry”, as has been the case for me in the past with abstract topics and other coaches. Your humorous Swabian style had us smiling on more than one occasion.
I can highly recommend both you and the course, and would love to see you again sometime in another course. Until then, I and my fellow participants wish you all the best.”

          O.H., European Aerospace Company

“Your seminar should be compulsory for all employees, and not just once – every 2 or 3 years.”

“You’re not a typical coach. You can tell you have personal experience. You’re a mountain guide who walks on ahead, who knows and points out the special features.”

“Thanks to the excellent preparation and authentic delivery, I found the content to be conveyed perfectly. I would highly recommend the lecturer and course. An extremely positive course. The best I’ve ever taken!”

“This workshop was the perfect choice for us. We were very impressed with the concept, which Mr Bitzenauer orientated precisely to our needs, his many practical examples, and, most importantly, the immediate relevance to our current situation. We found him to be an extremely experienced, competent coach, whom we would gladly recommend.”

         Magdalena Laimer, Quality Management Assistant, DELO Industrie Klebstoffe GmbH & Co KGaA

“Thank you once again for the great co-operation. Your personal commitment, excellent preparation and extremely professional work are what made this project so successful. Both our staff feedback and our internal performance check have reached top-of-the-class level. You have become an absolute benchmark in our quality management programme.”

        Reinhold Pölzl, QSE Director, Logwin Solutions Austria GmbH

                … and many others just like this.


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